Hello Peoples!  My name is Woodrow P. Nelson, you can call me Woody for short.  Obviously, I am a cat, or at least my humans say I am... I'm not so sure about that one.  Personally, I'd rather be a human, or maybe even a dog, but a cat?  Boy, it's so inconvenient trying to type on the computer, play the piano,  or devise my plan for taking over the world without fingers, or even hands for that matter!  I absolutely love people, and everybody that ever comes to my house knows me.  Every time the doorbell rings... whoosh! There I go as fast as my paws can carry me to the door to greet them.  
Around my house, I am the top cat, the number one, the head honcho.  That means that when anyone rubs me the wrong way, instead of working it out reasonably, I can just attack them.  I love attention, and if I have to roll around on the floor, meow loudly, or explore the dishwasher to get it, hey, what a deal.  My humans say I'm the craziest one of them all, but at least I'm not my brother Barnabas who sits around in the ceiling all day or Carlson who's afraid of people but won't let that stop him from getting plenty of attention.


Barnabas          Carlson