Meeow... AH!!!  Uh...uh, I'd better be g-going now, s-s-see you l-later... AH!!!!!  Well, m-maybe you might not be so b-b-bad, m-maybe I should stick around, but I'm warning you pal, keep your distance and any fast moves and I'm out of here.  My name is Barnabas Nelson, more commonly known as just Buddy.  I'm usually not much of a buddy, for I'm friendly, only around people I know that are in my family.  My twin Carlson and I look a lot alike, and are often mistaken for each other by strangers.  I can't blame them though, because we're both only black and white streaks while they're around.  Like my pal Woody,  I am also huge.  As you can see in the video at the top, Woody takes the phrase "pick on somebody your own size" quite seriously.  When he can't pick on  Carlson, he resorts to annoying me instead.  It is strange that Carlson and I are twins from the same litter, but I am so big but Carlson is so small.  That tells you that size doesn't make you strong and brave, because out of us two, Carlson is braver, and... WAIT!!! My owners are just sitting down to dinner.  I hate to go, but I gotta go pick up some scraps.  See ya!

Oh, also, if you're wondering why I don't have a photo page yet like my brothers, that's because people see me so rarely that it's hard to take pictures of me!  On top of the refrigerator in the laundry room is my favorite place to perch, so there's pictures of me there, but wouldn't it be boring to look at nothing but me on top of the fridge? 


Woody               Carlson