Is it safe?  Wait a second, let me sniff you out a bit before I come any closer.  Okay, not that I know you a little bit, My name is Carlson Kitty.  I am the baby of my family, and everyone loves me.  I mean, who couldn't love a cute, adorable, and fuzzy little cat?  I usually am not around when strangers are in the house, but if just my family is around and I want attention, everyone knows it.  I have the most adorable little high-pitched meow that everyone hears if I get lonely or attention deprived.  I am quite happy here, because I am loved by everyone, or almost everyone.  My older brother, Woody likes to pick on me and chase me around the house, and I don't like it.  I meow and whine until one of my humans comes to rescue me.  I'd better go now, I've got a nap to catch.  Bye!



Woody           Barnabas