Cat Poems


The Stray Cat Outside My House

There's been a stray cat outside my house,
Maybe I'll let him in, maybe he'll catch my mouse,
He probably belongs to someone near,
So I'll sneak out and pet him to ease his fear.
He's just so cute and won't go away,
I think I'll go out and feed him today,
He's been out there for over a week,
And the weather's turning so cold and bleak.
He's starting to shiver from the cold,
He keeps trying to sneak in, he's getting bold,
I think I'll let him in my house today,
He seems to need  a place to stay.
This cute stray cat came in today,
And this is where he wants to stay,
He's full of energy and full of fun,
He loves to be petted by everyone.
Another stray cat saved from the cold,
And a wonderful pet for me to hold,
There's no stray cat outside my house,
And I haven't seen that pesky mouse.

By: Lisa Brewer of
Lisa's Cat Lover's Pages
Copyright 2001

Written for and to be exclusively used by Becca at A Cat Lover's Paradise


The House Cat

The house cat sits
and smiles and sings.
He knows a lot
of secret things.

-Annette Wynne


Cat Kisses

Sandpaper kisses
on a cheek or a chin-
that is the way
for a day to begin!
Sandpaper kisses-
a cuddle, a purr.
I have an alarm clock
that's covered with fur.

-Bobbie Katz


A Mother Cat's Purr

Sleep the half-sleep,
Kittens dear,
While your mother
Cat-naps near.

Every kitten
Is a cat
And you must
Remember that

Naps for cats
Are mostly fake:
Any time
Is time to wake,

Or time to pounce,
Or time to scat.
That's what sleep is-
For a cat.

-Jane Yolen